Magnetic filed of a 15mm diameter, 5mm thick N42 magnet. Source: K&J Magnetics

Dome Attachment

When I first saw BB-8, I suspected that the dome…

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My ideas on controlling the dome from inside the sphere.

Dome Mechanics

On a recent flight I spent some time thinking about…

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Sizing Up BB-8

There seems to be a lot of debate on the…

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Testing GPIO serial output

Breakfast Serial

Setting up serial output I spent this morning researching serial…

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Test controlling the LEDs with the Xbox controller.

Remote control

Because of the shell script I wrote to simulate the…

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Simple simulation of Xboxdrv output

Controller Simulation

Since I had the idea to make a driveable BB-8, I…

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Lighting up LEDs from a Python script

Let there be (LED) light

With the Pi functioning, the question became: what is the first…

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BB-8's brain.

Starting Point

I have decided to start the BB-8 project by developing the…

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BB-8 as seen in the Ep. VII trailer. Image: Lucasfilm.

It begins…

When BB-8 rolled out on stage at Star Wars Celebration…

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